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Uintah Basin
Technical College


UBATC offers A new kind of learning

What does Open-Entry/Open-Exit mean?


Our curriculum is individualized, competency based, and open-entry/open-exit where possible.  This will allow you to enroll at any time, progress through a training program at your own rate of learning, and exit at the completion of training or upon obtaining employment.  This approach allows you to move rapidly through a program, obtain the needed skills, and find a job in a short period of time. Create a schedule that works for you! Sign up for full or part-time, tuition is only $2.00 an hour! Students enrolling in a program must take an assessment prior to pre-registration.

Open-entry programs are:
Carpentry, Business (Vernal only), CDL, CAD/CAM, WeldingNursing Assistant, & Culinary Arts.

Competency-Based Education

The tech college conducts education in a way quite different from the traditional manner followed by U.S. high schools, colleges, and universities. In traditional education, high school and university students learn and progress by beginning and completing classes at the same time (e.g., quarters, semesters) and graduate after they have completed all prescribed classes on a grade-to-grade basis. In competency-based education, students are allowed to learn and progress by beginning their courses the day they arrive at the campus. They graduate when they have mastered the skills and competencies of all required courses.

$2.00 an hour tuition!

When you take classes at UBATC

  • Come in (during your program hours) AT YOUR SCHEDULE
  • Clock in ANYTIME
  • Clock out
  • Pay $2.00 an hour for Tuition!
Uinta Basin Applied Technology College

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