By, Jennifer Roberts

UBTech will now have a $10,000 scholarship available annually for single mothers donated from Allred’s Landscaping and Construction.

The scholarship will be available for single mothers who are residents of Duchesne, Uintah, and Daggett County. “UBTech Allred’s Annuity Scholarship” will cover tuition for any of the UBTech Certificate Programs in Vernal or Roosevelt, offering mothers across the Basin a unique opportunity to earn their college degree.


Allred’s Landscaping and Construction has always had a long-term relationship with current UBTEch President, Aaron Weight. They’ve personally seen how UBTech changes the lives of the people in the community through encouraging graduates and their families to success through education.

“They are out in the community, this is our community, we live here and we are proud to be a part of it.” Allred’s also stated this is a great place to places their resources. “The Uintah basin has been great to us and this is something we are very happy to share and hopefully give back.”

Allred’s Landscaping and Construction decided to make the criteria of the scholarship for single mothers who can benefit from this scholarship. Allred’s commented on the fact that anyone who is a single mother and is willing to further their education, and to better themselves through education for their children is admirable.

“We appreciate this so much,” Weight said. “Their desire to be involved in the community, and their generous contributions will greatly bless many.”