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Uintah Basin
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Private Student Loans

Private student loans comes from financial institutions who offer PERSONAL STUDENT LOANS. Its money that may help a student pay for higher education expenses such as tuition and fees, books, supplies and tools, room and board, transportation and personal expenses.

The UBTech does not have a preferred lender list.


STEP 1: Contact a financial institution that participates in personal student loans and request a personal student loan. If your loan is approved the financial institution will give you a school certification form.

STEP 2: Schedule an appointment with the UBTech Admissions Specialist to review and complete the school certification form.

STEP 3: The financial aid office will contact you once your check arrives at the college from the financial institution.

Note: This is a summary; further information regarding financial aid programs and student eligibility is available in the financial aid office.

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