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Uintah Basin
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Cabinetry (480 hours)

The Cabinetry program is designed for those who like working with wood.
This is the beginning of developing the safety, skills and confidence needed to be successful on the job. While in this course a student will learn transferable, effective work skills that will be of value in most occupations as well as in the cabinetry industry.

The Cabinetry program is designed to teach the fundamentals of the art of cabinet construction. Class members will build a cabinet of their own choice and will be instructed in the process to complete the project. The instructor reserves the right to approve projects. Class members will also be instructed in the safe use of power machines. Instruction will be “one-on-one” with students.

Students have the responsibility to pay for their projects.

This certificate is for high school students only. Offered in Roosevelt. Visit with your counselor and enroll in classes at UBATC and earn your Technical Certificate (tuition free) when you graduate high school.

Certificate Courses

  • Construction Math
  • Safety / Machine Use
  • Design / Planning / Estimating
  • Joinery / Fasteners / Adhesives
  • Finishes / Abrasives
  • Cabinetry Hardware / Installation
  • Cabinet Construction
  • Molding / Millwork
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