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Uintah Basin
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Peace Officer Standards & Training Satallite Academy

POST Satellite Academy (SFO 219 Hours) (BCO 172 Hours) (LEO 321 Hours)

Peace officers are valuable to every community. The POST satellite academy provides training in three areas: Special Function Officer, Basic Corrections Officer, Law Enforcement Officer. Each certificate provides the cadet with the training for a specific peace officer function.

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2017 POST Program information

*Application Deadline is December 1, 2016

*Includes online application to POST, UBATC application, NPOST, and background check.

*Physical entrance exams will be scheduled 7-9am of December 5th thru December 8th.



Quick Facts
Tuition & Fees
Financial Aid
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  • Roosevelt Campus only
  • POST is NOT open-entry/open-exit
  • Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
  • Available to Adults


Student Entrance Requirements

  • 21 years of age
  • POST Entrance Exam
  • Pass Physical Training Standards
  • Pass Background Check
  • SFO Tuition: $438*
  • Fees: $438
  • Books & Supplies: $200*


  • BCO Tuition: $344*
  • Fees: $344
  • Books & Supplies: $200*


  • LEO Tuition: $642*
  • Fees: $1584
  • Books & Supplies: $884*

Tuition and fees are based on  program completion in the hours specified for the program length. *Tuition and Books are subject to change.

There are Financial Aid opportunities available.

Federal Financial Aid: NO
VA Qualified: NO

SPECIAL FUNCTION OFFICER (SFO) A Special Function Officer (SFO) certification allows a person to work in a limited number of Special Function positions such as constables, auxiliary officers, bailiffs, reserve officers, and other special function officers, as approved by the department. The SFO Program consists of hours made up primarily of Criminal Code, Physical Fitness, Arrest Control and various other classes. SFO must be completed before LEO or Correctional training.

BASIC CORRECTIONS OFFICER (BCO) The Basic Corrections Officer (BCO) is the fastest growing job in the law enforcement field. If you become a corrections officer, your primary duty will be to guard and supervise prisoners confined to penal institutions. This basic role doesn’t change from facility to facility, but your specific duties will, depending on the size and type of institution. As a corrections officer, you might work in a small county or municipal jail where you’ll have a general range of duties, or you may work in a large state or federal prison with more specialized duties. Special Function Officer (SFO) is a prerequisite for the Basic Corrections Officer (BCO). Cadets interested in the BCO program will need to provide a copy of SFO certification and will be required to take the BCO Entrance exam.
LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER (LEO) In addition to enforcing laws, police officers are primarily responsible for protecting lives and property. Upon successful completion, students will be prepared to respond to calls, conduct traffic stops, issue citations, arrest suspects, investigate domestic issues, write detailed reports, patrol, give first aid to accident victims, and more. Highly qualified instructors provide professional experiences that bring the topics to life – taking students from the traditional classroom and providing real world, hands-on training. Most major law enforcement departments require completion of this training before consideration for employment. Enrollment is limited to those individuals who have successfully completed the Special Function Officer Training (SFO).

For specific course requirements or for more information contact the UBATC POST Assistant:

Diane Wolfinjer:  435-722-6935

Physical Fitness Entrance Standards:

  • SFO
  • •Vertical Jump - 14.5” •Sit-Ups - 23 Reps-One Minute •Push-Ups - 14 Reps-Maximum repetitions with no time constraint and no rest during phase of test •1.5 Mile Run - 16:11
  • BCO
  • •Vertical Jump - 15” •Sit-Ups - 25 Reps-One Minute •300 Meter - 70 seconds •Push-Ups - 16 Reps-Maximum repetitions with no time constraint and no rest during phase of test •1.5 Mile Run - 15:37
  • LEO
  • •Vertical Jump - 16” •Sit-Ups - 27 Reps-One Minute •300 Meter - 67 seconds •Push-Ups - 18 Reps-Maximum repetitions with no time constraint and no rest during phase of test •1.5 Mile Run - 15:12
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