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Uintah Basin
Technical College



If you are a person with a disability who needs assistance getting back to work, an employer looking for qualified job applicants, or just want to learn more about rehabilitation in Utah,Utah Division of Rehabilitation Services assists eligible individuals with disabilities in obtaining employment. An eligible individual is one who is physically or psychologically disabled who demonstrates impediments to obtaining, retaining, or reentering employment and must acquire rehabilitation services in order to have an employment outcome. Along with the completed application, additional evaluations or assessments may be required.

  • Tuition/Fees
  • Books/Tools/Supplies
  • Transportation
  • Medical/Dental Expenses
  • Psychological Evaluation/Therapy

Please contact the local rehabilitation office for applications and information regarding qualifying types of disabilities at

Roosevelt Office: 1100 East Lagoon 124-5, (435) 722-6969

Vernal Office: 320 North Aggie Blvd Suite 105, (435) 789-0273

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