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What is Custom Fit?

The Custom Fit program is an arm of economic development in the state of Utah. Custom Fit provides companies with specialized training to help meet the unique needs of their workforce, as well as with funding made available through the Utah Legislature as an investment in Utah’s economy. A more highly skilled workforce brings greater economic success to Utah businesses. That’s why Custom Fit is here to help companies of all sizes and in all sectors of industry in the tri-county Uintah Basin; whether new start-ups or existing businesses.


The Custom Fit program works with your business to design the customized training your employees need to upgrade skills, and update their knowledge to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. Custom Fit is here to provide technical training and classes to enhance computer skills, to provide continuing education and safety certifications, leadership and management; any training your employees need. Custom Fit works with experts to give your business the competitive edge, to meet demands and stay in the forefront of industry. Training programs are developed through industry and employer requests. For more information on how Custom Fit can work with your business call Custom Fit Representative Lezlee Whiting, (435)725-7109.


To see a list of upcoming classes, check out our Class Schedule or our Events Calendar!


 UBMC“We appreciate the staff and their ability to accommodate requests for specific training needs.” -Uintah Basin Medical Center


 “We really appreciate the Custom Fit program. It not only saves money but helps us better afford to take advantage of the quality training available at UBTech.”  Michael Kitzmiller, Halliburton, HSE Coordinator, Vernal District

Custom Fit Success Story

Uintah Basin Technical College

Everett Stringham has had the safety of his employees foremost in his mind for decades. First as the safety manager for an airline for 26 years, and now as Operations Manager for Wind River Wireless, a Duchesne County company that provides telemetry and automation to oil and gas companies.

Sixteen of Stringham’s 24 employees work in the rural and often rugged oil and gas fields of the Uintah Basin installing the equipment and technology that allows pumpers and end users to read what their gas well or oil well is doing real time.

“We gather all that data into the equipment and using radios and frequencies it goes into the air and sends it into their office in real time,” Stringham explained. “We also do 2-way communications for people where cell phones don’t work.”

When Stringham returned to his hometown of Roosevelt in eastern Utah several months ago, he took on a big job that had to be done yesterday. With the specialized safety training available virtually upon demand through the Uintah Basin Applied Technology College’s department of Petroleum/Energy/Transportation (PET), coupled with the financial benefits of Custom Fit, he said he knew he had found a winner.

“People approach training requirements in different ways, but nothing is worth it if you hurt a guy,” Stringham said, explaining he will never hesitate to provide his employees with the critical safety training they need for the often dangerous work they do.

“I could go on line and buy safety in a box programs with DVDs and have the guys watch and it would be really cheap, but I know for a fact you (UBTech) are accredited and you can get me the proper training,” Stringham said. “You are local; you understand our requirements out in the oil field because you are here.”

After consulting with UBTech PET instructor Mike Ferriera, Wind River Wireless scheduled training times and classes needed to comply with newly heightened safety regulations that his company had to meet. The training would not only be time consuming for his employees, it would also be quite costly for the small, family-owned company.

Ferriera told Stringham to find out if the Custom Fit program could help him out.

“With as much training as they are coming down on us with – and rightfully so –  but as small as our company is, it’s  hard to absorb those costs,” Stringham said.

“Without Custom Fit there is no way I could have got the added training requirements done as fast. Without the help of Custom Fit, the whole process would have taken us much longer.”

His employees were able to take on the influx in the jobs that came their way because Custom Fit funding enabled them to train without much lag time.

“I got my training faster – even with all of the new training requirements that have been placed on us. I know what’s coming and I am trying to get in front of it. Wind River had some training in place and with UBATC and Custom Fit, we just took it to a whole higher level,” Stringham said.

How To Participate
Training Instruction & Location
Training Cost
For More Information

1. How to Participate in the Custom Fit Program:

Employers meet with a Custom Fit representative to develop their unique training plan and to sign a Custom Fit Training Agreement. Training is then coordinated through a partnership with the company and the Custom Fit office.

2. Instruction & Training Sites:

The employer has the flexibility to choose the training and the training provider. Training can take place at a UBTech campus, at the company site, or other training locations as needed.

3. Training Costs:

Funding is available to help pay up to 40% of qualified training costs. Costs may include instructor fees, tuition, training materials, and other direct training costs as approved.

4. For More Information:

To learn more about how the Custom Fit training program can help your business excel and profit, contact Lezlee Whiting at 725-7109 or

Need specialized or customized training? Custom Fit can help design a training plan for you. Your Custom Fit plan may include training offered at UBTech, specialized/technical training, or customized training created to meet your specific needs. Funding may be available.

Sample of Custom Fit Classes

  • Customized training for the oil & gas industry
  • Continuing Education for HR professionals, contractors, electricians & plumbers
  • Excel Workshops, all levels
  • Entrepreneurial Workshops
  • Customer Service Workshops
  • Beginning Spanish & Spanish 2
  • Spanish in the Workplace
  • Human Resource Management Certificate
  • CDL Workshops
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Vehicle Safety Inspection (cars, pickup trucks & semi-trucks)
  • Pilot Car & Flagging
  • MS Office Power Point & Publisher
  • Child & Infant CPR
  • New Hire Skills
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