By, Maigen Zobell

Uintah Basin Healthcare (UBH) has committed to provide $40,000 of in-kind donations and scholarship funds annually to strengthen the partnership between Uintah Basin Technical College (UBTech) and UBH over the next five years.

UBH is the largest independent rural healthcare system in the State of Utah, employing over 700 in our rural community. Jim Marshall, UBH President & CEO states “One of the biggest challenges we face as an organization is the ability to recruit and retain clinical staff. We have observed UBTech’s effort to drive curriculum development to meet the educational and training needs of our local economy and we like what we see”.

UBTech is working with community leaders to gain the support needed to grow programs and provide quality career and technical training for in-demand occupations. Aaron Weight, UBTech President states “As resources become more scarce and harder to come by, UBTech’s goal is to partner with local industry who see the benefits from UBTech’s mission, which is to meet the technical needs of the residents we serve. We’re so appreciative of UBH for their vision and foresight to help in the training of their future employees”.

“Our partnership with UBTech has been mutually beneficial. Historically, over 90% of our nursing workforce has come through our local education programs. We rely heavily on them to educate our workforce, which will ultimately determine our ability to be successful as a health system. We are invested in our partnership with UBTech,” says UBH President & CEO Jim Marshall.

UBH is honored to support UBTech by offering up to a $30,000 value annually of in-kind donations to cover medical supplies for programs offered at the Roosevelt Campus. In addition, UBH will contribute $10,000 in scholarship funds annually; $5000 for UBH employee scholarships and $5000 to the general scholarship fund.

UBH’s commitment doesn’t stop at the financial donation. We build opportunities for students to apply what they learn in their classes in a real-world environment by working alongside our clinicians. This is a good opportunity for students to learn hands on, and allows us the ability to identify the best and brightest clinically and the best fit culturally for long term retention. We sincerely want to see these students succeed.

“This is an example of the strong partnership that exists between these two great organizations,” says UBTech President Aaron Weight. “UBH realizes the significance of training local residents in the Uintah Basin and has always appreciated the value of having UBTech within their service region. We appreciate this contribution and know that it will have a great impact on our training, and thus future employees at UBH.”