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The Business Manager program is designed help students reach management potential in the office. Student will continue to complete monthly job resumes, job interviews, and not only attend monthly meetings but become responsible for setting up and running the meetings. Students will learn stronger and more effective communication skills to effectively resolve customer concerns and the art of networking. Time management, scheduling, budgeting, and itineraries are all included. Students will begin to hone their leadership skills. The elective allows students the opportunity to various experiences with either work-based learnings, specialized training, or competing on a real world scale.

Graduates of the program will be prepared to seek employment as office managers in a variety of settings.

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Program Length: 900 Hours

Tuition and Fees: Tuition – $1800, Fees – $360, Books and Supplies – Variable

Entrance Requirements:

  • Basic assessment of language, math, and keyboarding.
  • Passing score on UBTech computer literacy exam

Enrollment: Open-entry, Open-exit

Open to: Adults and Secondary students

Campus: Roosevelt and Vernal

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Earning Potential:

$9 – $23 hourly

Local Utah hourly wages are estimated by

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Dr. Lyndsay Brown
Dr. Lyndsay BrownOffice Professional Instructor
Angela Hanberg
Angela HanbergOffice Professional Instructor

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