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A medical assistant is a multi-skilled health professional specifically educated to work in ambulatory care settings and perform administrative office tasks in addition to clinical duties. As an integral part of the healthcare team, the medical assistant has a direct influence on the public’s health and well-being. As such, the Medical Assistant Program prepares students with a variety of knowledge related to health sciences, communication, and specialized skills related to assisting physicians and other healthcare professionals in a patient care setting. These skills are obtained through formal study, practical experience, and hands-on training.

Graduates of the Medical Assistant program will be prepared to enter a fast-growing profession that is versatile and schedule-friendly. Medical assistants have diversified skills that allow them to work in a variety of medical office settings, such as family practice, pediatric practice, urgent care, and some surgical outpatient clinics.

Program Objectives:

Students will be prepared to perform entry-level skills including:

  • Understand the law and ethics of health care professions and what a scope of practice is
  • Perform basic skills related to patient reception, appointment scheduling, and correspondence
  • Perform basic skills related to management and documentation of health care records, understand what meaningful use is, and comply with all HIPAA regulations
  • Perform basic skills related to office management and finances
  • Maintain the asepsis of patient exam rooms, treatment rooms, and sterilize medical instruments
  • Assist the physician with obtaining accurate medical histories, performing patient exams, and treatments
  • Perform phlebotomy, collect specimens, and perform CLIA waved tests for biological specimens such as blood, urine, and other body tissues
  • Administer medication and injections, perform diagnostic testing, and obtain physiologic measurements such as vital signs, height, weight, and circumference as directed by the physician.
  • Perform electrocardiograms, remove sutures, and change dressings as directed by the physician.
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Program Length: 940 Hours

This program is designed to be completed in 34 weeks

Tuition and Fees: Tuition – $1880, Fees – $1000, Books and Supplies – $363

Entrance Requirements:

  •  TABE testing at 11th grade level in Math, Reading, Spelling, and Language
  • Pass Drug Screen and Background Check

Enrollment: Structured; not open-entry, open-exit

Open to: Adults and Secondary students

Campus: Roosevelt only

Information Technology:
A Chrome book is offered in some programs. If one is not available, the student can use the UBTech Computer Lab or bring their own internet capable device for educational use in class.
Electronic Student Resources:
Canvas orientation course contains electronic learning resources that can be used throughout your time in the program. Each canvas course links to these resources, and they will be updated regularly.
Canvas can be accessed from any internet-connected computer at the following URL:
For technical problems encountered while in Canvas, use the Help button in Canvas and the “Report a Problem” link. Response time on support requests will be no more than 24-hours within the operational schedule of the program. A general orientation to Canvas can be found in the New Student Orientation, but faculty will also offer an orientation specific to technology in your program on your first day of class.

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Earning Potential:

$9 – $20 hourly

Local Utah hourly wages are estimated by

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Leigh Lloyd, AEMT, MA
Leigh Lloyd, AEMT, MAMedical Assistant Instructor

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