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Peace officers are a valuable part of any community. The POST satellite academy provides training in three areas: Special Function Officer (SFO), Basic Correction Officer (BCO), and Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). Each certificate provides the cadet with the training for a specific peace officer function.

The SFO certification qualifies an individual to work in a limited number of special function positions such as constables, auxiliary officers, bailiffs, reserve officers, and others as approved by the department. The SFO program consists of hours made up primarily of criminal code, physical fitness, and arrest control, among others. The SFO program must be completed prior to BCO or LEO training. Students must be 21-years-old or older before taking the SFO State Certification Examination.

The BCO program prepares students to enter the fastest-growing field in law enforcement. The primary duty of a correction officer is to guard and supervise prisoners confined to penal institutions. The role does not change from facility to facility, but specific duties may vary depending upon the size and type of institution. Corrections officers may work in small county or municipal jails where they have a general range of duties, or in a large state or federal prison with more specialized duties. Cadets interested in the BCO program must provide a copy of their SFO certification and must pass the BCO entrance exam.

In addition to enforcing laws, police officers are primarily responsible for protecting lives and property. Upon successful completion of the LEO program, graduates will be prepared to respond to calls, conduct traffic stops, issue citations, arrest suspects, investigate domestic issues, write detailed reports, patrol, give first aid to accident victims, and more. Highly qualified instructors provide professional experiences that take students from the traditional classroom to provide real-world, hands-on training. Most major law enforcement agencies require completion of the LEO course before consideration for employment. Cadets interested in the LEO program must provide a copy of their SFO certification.

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Program Length: Special Function Officer – 238 Hours; Basic Correction Officer – 152 Hours; Law Enforcement Officer – 304 Hours

Tuition and Fees:

SFO: Tuition – $476, Fees – $476, Books and Supplies – $200

BCO: Tuition – $304, Fees – $304, Books and Supplies – $200

LEO: Tuition – $608, Fees – $1473, Books and Supplies – $884

Entrance Requirements:

  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Pass physical training standards exam
  • Pass criminal background check

Enrollment: Structured; not open-entry, open-exit

Open to: Adult students

Campus: Roosevelt Campus only

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Earning Potential:

SFO – $11 – $35 hourly

BCO- $16 – $36 hourly

LEO-  $17 – $48 hourly

Local Utah hourly wages are estimated by

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Travis Tucker
Travis TuckerDirector of POST Satellite Academy
Diane Wolfinjer
Diane WolfinjerProgram Assistant

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