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The Welding Program offers three certificates and allows students to enter welding classes at their level of expertise to learn the skills necessary to obtain one of three possible certifications. All courses are taught using American Welding Society (AWS) standards and procedures.

This program gives students a good basis for an entry-level position in a high-demand occupation. The program provides entry-level skills for becoming a welder’s helper or beginning welder. Students will learn basic skills in welding equipment operation, safety instruction, welding processes, and fabrication. The skills taught at this level give each student the ability to continue in an advanced program, ensuring the skills needed to employment.

This program is designed to give students an overview of the welding industry, including familiarization with welding machines and processes. Skills taught include basic welding, oxy-fuel cutting, and beginning welding skills. Safety as related to the welding industry is particularly stressed. Graduates of this course will be prepared to seek entry-level employment in welding.

This specialized program is designed to prepare students for many AWS certifications, and will allow graduates to seek high-paying jobs in the welding industry. Students learn technical information and skills training in welding all positions on plate and pipe material. Graduates will develop skills in industrial welding, oxy-fuel cutting, shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, plasma cutting, gas tungsten arc welding, and pipe welding. They will also choose to specialize in one of these areas.

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Scholarships Available

Program Length: Welding Basic Technician: 300 Hours

Tuition and Fees: Tuition – $600*, Fees – $60 (one-time fee) +$100/month, Books and Supplies – Variable

Program Length: Welding Intermediate Technician: 600 Hours

Tuition and Fees: Tuition – $1200*, Fees – Variable, Books and Supplies – Variable

Program Length: Welding Advanced Technician: 900 Hours

Tuition and Fees: Tuition – $1800*, Fees – $60 (one-time fee) +$100/month, Books and Supplies – Variable

*Based on $2 per credit hour

Entrance Requirements:

  • Math Grade 8
  • Reading Grade 8

Enrollment: Open-entry, Open-exit

Open to: Adults and Secondary students

Campus: Roosevelt and Vernal

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Earning Potential:

$15 – $32 hourly

Local Utah hourly wages are estimated by

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Kevin Mitchell
Kevin MitchellWelding Instructor
Rick Prather
Rick PratherWelding Instructor
Jeff Taniguchi
Jeff TaniguchiWelding Instructor
Ryan Taylor
Ryan TaylorWelding Instructor

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