President’s Vision: 1,000 Certificates a Year by 2030

official Strategic plan Pdf
Grant and Scholarship Growth

Goal #1: Develop, strengthen, and highlight USHE institution relationships semi-annually.

Each UBTech department will collaborate with a USHE institution annually. UBTech will celebrate a USHE institution semi-annually.

Collaboration Highlight: 2021 NurseTim Conference

Goal #2: Increase the college-going rate of high school graduates at UBTech by 3% in 5 years. Increase the college-going rate of underrepresented groups at UBTech by 4% in 5 years.

Connect secondary students to UBTech courses and program certificates.

Goal #3: Establish and maintain a partnership for every certificate program.

Identify, share, and invite others to participate in partnership opportunities, present opportunities, and invite others to participate.

Goal #4: Increase timely completion of certificate programs by 3% over 5 years. Increase the timely completion of underrepresented students at UBTech by 4% in 5 years.

Identifying barriers of completion through weekly student advising.


Goal #5: Increase completion rate of graduates in high-demand, high-wage programs at UBTech by 4% over 5 years. Increase completion rate of underrepresented groups in programs aligned with high-demand, high-wage jobs at UBTech by 8% in 5 years.

Counsel students on high-demand and high-wage programs.


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