Invitation for Bids

UBTech is seeking equipment and machinery. UBTech received EDA grant, Award #05-79-06073. This project will consist of purchasing trucks, training equipment, simulators (and software) for the expansion of UBTech’s CDL and Automotive and Diesel programs.

The categories for award are below:

1. Truck and Tractor Trailer Bid – Several specifications for varying trucks are listed – please submit a bid for the trucks

you provide. There are five tabs within the cost sheet. Award will be done by tab/category. A vendor may submit a

price for one truck or all trucks.

2. Equipment Bid – Specifications are listed for equipment that UBTC needs – please submit a bid for equipment you

provide. There are 42 line items of equipment being sought by UBTC. A vendor must be able to provide all 42 line

items. Category award will be given to the vendor that provides the lowest combined cost for all 42 items.

If you’d like to submit a bid to provide equipment mentioned above, all bids must be submitted through SciQuest, the State of Utah Division of Purchasing website.

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