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UBTech is gearing up for the start of the new school year by bringing four new programs to students and job seekers in the Uintah Basin.

The new programs are open to adults and secondary students and include: Surgical Technologist, IT Support Technician, Network Technician, and Security Technician.

Each program carries a certificate showing employers students have undergone intensive hands-on training, and at the same time allows a student to enter the job market in a short period of time.

“Needed programs are determined by community input through our Occupational Advisory Committees,” said UBTech President Aaron Weight.

These committees are comprised of industry leaders and employers in the Uintah Basin who communicate the need of the workforce to UBTech faculty and staff.

“Their input results in changes to our curriculum to ensure the student’s skill set and knowledge meet industry standards and prepare each student ready for employment. Occupational Advisory Committees often suggest new programs or changes to current programs,” said Weight.

Surgical Technologist will start August 20 at the Vernal campus. This program was requested by Ashley Regional Medical Center and Uintah Basin Healthcare to fulfill the increased demand for qualified operating room personnel.  Students will obtain a national certification, gaining a higher standard of training and entering the medical field fully prepared to continue to promote quality patient outcomes.

A surgical technologist is a member of an operating room team. Their primary function is to fulfill the first scrub role and to help with the preparation of the operating room by setting up sterile surgical equipment, checking equipment for proper functionality, and assisting the surgeon with instruments and supplies while maintaining the sterile field. The average salary for a graduate from this program is $29,000 to $60,000, according to

This program will be eligible to transfer to Utah State University – Uintah Basin (USU-UB) as a stackable credential for 30 credits towards an Associate of Applied Science.

“We have two instructors, Shanna McCoy who is the program coordinator and Bailee Bird who will also be instructing,” said Director of Nursing and Allied Health, Lindsey Ellingford.

Shanna McCoy

McCoy obtained her Certified Surgical Technician training through Stevens Henagar College and has over eight years’ experience in surgical centers and operating rooms. Bird has experience as a CNA and as a surgical technician said Ellingford.

Bailee Bird

Three new programs will be offered in the area of information technology: IT Support Technician, Network Technician, and Security Technician.

“A very real need exists for an entry-level employee base with a very specific skill set in the Basin,” said Diane Macdonald, UBTech director of Business and Industry. “Even when a company hires an entry-level employee, that employee still requires more specialized training to advance in a company. Having all the training locally with UBTech is ideal.”

Luke Thoennes

UBTech welcomes new IT instructor Luke Thoennes who will be teaching the new IT programs, said Macdonald. Thoennes has a degree in Computer Networking Technology from Minnesota State Community and Technical College as well as a Bachelor’s of Science in Physics from the University of New Mexico.

The IT Support Technician program prepares students with skills in basic IT information, troubleshooting hardware and software issues, basic networking and security. Students will be prepared with the necessary skills for employment in IT support, help desk, and call centers.

In the Network Technician program students learn the skills to secure a network by developing network access and to maintain documentation while providing reference and support. Students will be prepared with the necessary skills for employment in network administration as a network specialist.

Students in the Security Technician program will be trained to provide support services to industry and fulfill security needs for companies by installing and integrating security systems. Students will be able to plan network installations, as well as order and mount appropriate equipment. Students will be prepared with the necessary skills for employment as a security specialist.

Students will be able to transfer 30 of their credits as a stackable credential from this program to USU-UB towards an Associate of Applied Science.

A student interested in any of the new IT programs would start with Support Technician then move forward to Network Technician, and finally advance to Security Technician. Students may enroll in these programs at any time at the Roosevelt campus.

Graduates from these IT programs can earn a salary from $30,000 to $150,000, according to

Three current UBTech programs underwent some renovations in order to stay current and meet the needs of industry. The Civil Technology program is now the Civil Drafting Technician program. Graduates of this program can expect to earn $32,000 to $78,000, according to

The Automation program is renamed the Automation Technician program and the Petroleum Technology program is now the Oil & Gas Technician program.

All three of these programs have been shortened to get the student into the workforce more efficiently.

“The purpose of technical education is to deliver the necessary training needed to succeed. We cut out a lot of the unnecessary curriculum which in turn means the student will be able to finish quicker and find a job sooner,” said Gary Duncan, UBTech interim director for Energy Services.

The Automation Technician program and Oil & Gas Technician program are now hybrid programs. Classes will include both online learning and lectures at the campus. They begin August 20.

Students in the Automation Technician program will learn the fundamentals of electricity and automation procedures and practices. Students will learn electrical theory and applications, programing, communication and networking.

Automation is a skill needed across many fields, including oil and gas and other areas needing automation controls. The average salary is $54,000 to $105,000, according to

Students in the Oil & Gas Technician program will gain an understanding of what it takes to be successful in a variety of areas within the oil and gas industry, by learning the technical skills and necessary soft skills to succeed as an Oil and Gas Technician. The average salary is $42,000 to $78,000, according to

Secondary students can also enroll in these programs and many other programs at UBTech – all tuition-free. UBTech offers over a dozen scholarships for adult students. More information on UBTech programs can be found online at

  • Surgical Technologist

  • IT Support Technician

  • Network Technician

  • Security Technician

  • Civil Drafting Technician

  • Automation Technician

  • Oil & Gas Technician

New and revised programs are pending approval through the Council for Opportunity in Education.

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