UBTech Ruck Run

Join UBTech in a Ruck Run/Walk around Veteran’s Day Every Year

A ‘RUCK’ is what a veteran carries when serving our country. Participate in this 5k wearing a back pack in honor of our veterans! You can choose the weight limit of what you’d like to carry, or carry no weight at all. Bring a back pack and enjoy a family fun event to remember.

Weight Classes:
20 lbs = Recruit
30 lbs = Heroic
40 lbs = Veteran
(0 lbs is a fun ruck)

Participate in the name of a friend/family vet, a current soldier, or just for fun. Wear camo, dress up, just show up!

Ruck shirts will be available to purchase, (polyester, long sleeve, men and women sizes) for $20. (Notice: Shirts purchased online have a fee of $2.85 added to the original price of $20. However, there is no guarantee your size or your shirt will be available if not pre-purchased.)

Run participants will receive a challenge coin!

Veterans will receive a FREE challenge coin regardless of participation in the run.


Bring the family, the kids, the neighbors…everyone is invited to the breakfast! This is a community event that is open to runners or spectators, and anyone that’s hungry!

See you there and RUCK UP!

Pounds Carried
Miles Ran