UBTech VIRTUAL 5K Ruck Run

Join UBTech in a Ruck Run/Walk around Veteran’s Day Every Year

This event has been moved to a virtual format.

 A ‘RUCK’ is what a veteran carries when serving our country. Run this 5k wearing a back pack in honor of our veterans! You can choose the weight limit of what you’d like to carry, or carry no weight at all. Register and complete the challenge then post a photo with #ubtechruckrun or email your photo to stephaniec@ubtech.edu to receive your free challenge coin!

Weight Classes:
20 lbs = Recruit
30 lbs = Heroic
40 lbs = Veteran
(0 lbs is a fun ruck)

Participate in the name of a friend/family vet, a current soldier, or just for fun.

Ruck shirts are available for purchase, (cotton unisex long-sleeve shirt) for $20.

Run participants will receive a challenge coin!

Veterans will receive a FREE challenge coin regardless of participation in the run.

Good luck and RUCK UP!

Pounds Carried
Miles Ran