“I’m excited to announce, UBTech’s graduation will be virtual in 2021. Unprecedented times provide opportunities to celebrate the success of UBTech’s graduates in advanced ways,” announced UBTech President, Aaron Weight.

“Our partners at STRATA Networks and V6 Media make virtual solutions a reality. As a technical college, we will be utilizing the technology of today to recognize the future leaders of tomorrow.”

UBTech anticipates transitioning to a traditional face-to-face commencement exercise in 2022.

UBTech will hold their graduation commencement as originally scheduled on May 5th. In the last seven years UBTech’s graduation has grown tremendously. Last year, UBTech’s virtual commencement had over 3,300 views.

The virtual premiere will include remarks from UBTech Student of the Year, Valirie Serawop, keynote speaker, Deena Millecam, and UBTech President, Aaron Weight. Each graduate will be individually highlighted.

“I’m excited UBTech is working on innovative ways to celebrate the accomplishments of the Class of 2020-2021,” says UBTech Student of the Year, Valirie Serawop. “A virtual graduation ceremony will still make it possible for students to have the opportunity to share their accomplishments with family, friends, and their community.”

In addition to tuning in at home for UBTech’s graduation commencement, UBTech will also be offering opportunities for graduates to receive a graduation gown, certificate holder, and a photo with President Weight.

“UBTech understands the importance of documenting this momentous occasion,” adds Serawop. “We’ll be able to proudly wear our gowns and celebrate this special event.”

On May 3rd from 3 – 6 pm, graduates can stop by the Roosevelt UBTech Campus for a photo-op and collect their graduation gown and certificate holder. At the Vernal Campus the same opportunity will be provided on May 4th from 3 – 6 pm.

On May 5th, at 6 pm, the community will be able to join and watch the virtual premiere of the UBTech Class of 2021 graduation on Channel V6 or either of UBTech’s YouTube or Facebook channels.

Watch for details on www.ubtech.edu.

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