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The Uintah Conference Center was packed with the family and friends of UBTech’s 2019 Graduating Class May 1.

“It was good,” says Candy Rendon, a practical nursing graduate. “It was really hard and intense. I’ve already applied to Uintah Basin Medical Center in Roosevelt. I get to be a nurse. It’s what I want. I’ve found that I want to give people as much dignity as I can when they’re ill.”

Rendon was one of 464 graduates to receive their technical training certificates on Wednesday. Some even received more than one, like McKinlee Thacker, UBTech Student of the Year. She walked away with certificates in Automotive Maintenance, Light Repair, Welding, and her CDL.

Students graduated with certificates in the following fields: Office Professional, Civil Technology, Culinary Arts, IT Technician, Network Technician, Medical Assistant, Practical Nursing, Pharmacy Technician, Nursing Assistant, Surgical Technologist, Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair, Auto Technology, Heavy Duty Diesel, Cabinetry, Carpentry, POST Basic Corrections Officer, POST Law Enforcement Officer, POST Special Function Officer, Welding, CDL, Automation Technician, Oil and Gas Technician, and Well Control Supervisor.

“Never before have technical college credentials been more recognized or more celebrated than they are now,” says Aaron Weight, President of the College.

Some students have jobs lined up already, some are continuing with the stackable degree program at USU. All of them now have both the theoretical and practical skills to be successful in their chosen careers, thanks to UBTech’s hands-on teaching style. They graduate with real-life experience, and will no doubt go on to accomplish great things.

“The next step after getting an education is to go out and help others with it,” advises Pyfer. She points out that people with great careers have more time, more skill, and the means to make a difference in the world around them.

“Be brave and find ways that you can serve,” Pyfer added.

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