UBTech Plans for Fall 2020

Written by, UBTech

Last month, while maintaining CDC guidelines, UBTech campuses opened to the public, once again allowing face-to-face instruction and new student enrollment.

UBTech’s fall 2020 plan is to continue student enrollment with hybrid and face-to-face instruction.

To facilitate learning, UBTech programs & courses will be offered within the flexibility parameters of UBTech’s accreditation guidelines.

“We’re confident, as our faculty continue using a combination of face-to-face and hybrid instruction, through the Canvas Learning Management System, UBTech students will be successful, while meeting the social distancing and personal safety parameters of our current education landscape,” said UBTech Vice President of Instruction, Tammy Wilkerson.

“Each course and program is unique. Students are invited to be on campus unless online flexibility measures are mandated at a future time. Students will be notified by their instructor of any necessary changes to instructional methods.”
“We’re also collaborating with the local school districts to provide educational accommodations if necessary, for secondary students concurrently enrolled at the college.”

While maintaining CDC guidelines, students at UBTech will continue face-to-face instruction unless online flexibility measures are mandated at a future time. Erika Hickerson, a student in the Surgical Technologist program, continued her education when UBTech campuses had to close to the public last spring due to COVID-19.

Learning modules such as reading assignments, are an example of what students will be able to do at home using the online portal, Canvas. Students still need to come into a UBTech campus for lab pass-offs.

To use Canvas, students must have a computer and access to the internet.

“I had awesome instructors,” said Erika Hickerson, a student in the Surgical Technologist program when UBTech campuses had to close to students last spring due to COVID-19. “I had all the tools I needed, there was no need to quit.”

Hickerson plans on completing the program and earning her Surgical Technologist certificate this year.

“Our focus is on students. We want students to be able to continue their education,” said UBTech President Aaron K. Weight. “We have amazing faculty and staff who have made many adjustments to adhere to the governor’s guidelines and still provide a high-quality education.”

Personal hygiene, social distancing and face covering practices will continue to be encouraged to reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus.
Signage is posted throughout both campuses as a reminder about the importance of these practices. Markings are installed on the floor near the front desks to help identify where to social distance.

Face coverings are required on campus while the executive order from Governor Gary Herbert is in effect, mandating that masks be worn while in state buildings. UBTech will provide face coverings for students and employees as needed.

Students and employees are asked to self-monitor and to stay home if they are showing possible symptoms of coronavirus. If a student or employee tests positive they need to notify their instructor or supervisor, self-quarantine for 14 days, and assist in tracking measures to notify individuals who were in close contact about their potential risk.

UBTech’s COVID-19 updates, training, and plans are detailed on the website at UBTech.edu.
As long as Duchesne and Uintah counties remain in the ‘New Normal Green,’ as listed in the Utah Leads Together plan, UBTech will continue to host events and plan activities for our local communities.

September plans for the Cars & Guitars music fest will continue, as well as the annual UBTech Foundation Golf Tournament. A charity motorcycle and classic car cruise is also in the planning stages.

For more information on upcoming events and COVID-19 measures, visit UBTech.edu.