UBTech’s First Student Ambassadors Say the Year was a Success

By Kellie Shepherd

UBTech offers students additional opportunities to develop leadership, teamwork, collaboration, and networking skills through their newly implemented Ambassador program.

Ambassadors are UBTech students who become the face of the college by sharing their stories, mentoring peers, and recruiting potential students. The program gives ambassadors the opportunity to make new connections in the community, aiding them in their search for future job opportunities. Being a UBTech Ambassador enhances resumes and is a service that stands out on scholarship applications.

“It has been fun to watch friendships bloom between the ambassadors,” said UBTech College Recruiter and Ambassador Coordinator McKenzie Christensen. “I have seen them grow, come out of their shells and develop new skills. I can’t wait to see what they do next.”

UBTech’s first team of student ambassadors just completed their service. Valirie Serawop, who serves as an ambassador and is also UBTech’s Student of The Year, enjoys going to events and letting others know of the programs available. She said, “I was able to talk to a new business owner and tell her about the business program. Where she could learn basic accounting to QuickBooks. It would benefit her to take care of her own books instead of paying for a service.”

The application and selection process were recently completed for the second team. Each team of ambassadors serves for a six-month period, with a total of ten ambassadors chosen for each team.

“I used to sit back and just go with the crowd, but now I am throwing my ideas out there,” said Suzanna Goodlow, an ambassador who is returning for a second time. “It got me out of my comfort zone to be able to talk to people and voice my own opinion.”

Ambassador Valirie Serawop said the more she opened up to others, the more she saw the doors of opportunity open to her.

“Getting to know the faculty and staff here has been eye-opening,” Serawop said. “I’ve gotten to see who they really are and what they really do for the community. It is amazing.”

Ambassadors are required to attend monthly training meetings and encouraged to attend community and recruiting events. Ambassadors also enjoy UBTech swag, and at the end of their service, they receive letters of recommendation.

If you would like to become a UBTech Ambassador or know someone who should apply, UBTech is accepting applications this November. Visit https://www.ubtech.edu/ambassador/ for more information.

UBTech’s first team of student ambassadors just completed their service. UBTech Ambassadors serve the community, recruit potential students, and develop leadership and teamwork skills. Pictured left to right, (back row) Max Christensen, Jaxon Stringham, Dallin Jensen, Tracen Timothy,  Nizhoni Gross, Alia Searle, (front row) Charley Taylor, Suzanna Goodlow, Amber Jorgenson, and Serena Weber (not pictured Valirie Serawop).

UBTech Ambassadors participate in team-building activities during monthly meetings.

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